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Sofima: Quality, Tradition, and Innovation.

We Transform Ideas into Unique Pieces.

Sustainability of Materials

At Sofima, sustainability is a priority. We constantly seek ways to produce our pieces with a lower environmental impact by adopting practices such as efficient use of natural resources and material recycling. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of our mission as a company.


Innovation is an integral part of our creation and production process. We seek creative and technologically advanced solutions to meet the needs of our customers. From technical pieces for specific projects to decoration, our commitment is to deliver unique and distinctive pieces while maintaining quality and excellence in each product we produce.


Quality is a priority in all our processes, from the selection of raw materials to the final product delivery. Our constant quest for excellence allowed us to obtain Quality Management System certification following the ISO 9001 standard in 2000. This demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest level of quality in all our products and services.